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Athabasca University

Dr. Lorelei Hanson

Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Human Geography



  • Ph.D. (2002, University of Alberta)
  • M.E.S. (1992, York University)
  • B.E.S., Honours (1989, University of Waterloo)


Lorelei Hanson joined Athabacsa University (AU) in 2002, working initially as a MA-IS tutor for Researching Society and Culture. She assumed a full-time position with AU in 2004, initially as a coordinator for both Environmental Studies and Human Geography. She now focuses her energies solely on coordinating Environmental Studies. As an active researcher with the five-year SSHRC-funded research project Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD): Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change in Alberta and Beyond, she has been publishing research examining the efficacy of public engagement processes in seeding effective social change, be this in relation to food or climate change. Her recent publications also include articles on rural community sustainability and conservation land trusts. Additional projects she is undertaking include the role of permaculture in enhancing community resilience, and the environmental history of women in the conservation movement.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

  • Environmental Thought/ Political Ecology
  • Community Sustainability
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Environmental History

Research Interests

  • Sustainable urban food strategies
  • Democratic deliberation and climate change
  • Land trusts and sustainable rural communities
  • Environmental history


Recent Referred Articles

Ryan, S. Hanson, L.L. & Gismondi, M. (2014). Landscape-Scale Prioritization Process for Private Land Conservation in Alberta, Human Ecology - An Interdisciplinary Journal, 42, 1: 103-114.

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Hanson, L. & Filax, G. (2009). The cultural politics of Canadian land trusts: Exploring the ethos and structure of the social economy as articulated across protected private lands. International Journal of Canadian Studies, 39: 211-229 (primary author).

Hanson, L. (2007). Environmental Justice across the Rural Canadian Prairies – Agricultural restructuring, seed production and the farm crisis. Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, 12 (6), 599-611.

Book Chapters

Hanson, L.L. and Schrader, D. (2014). Creating new urban spaces of sustainability and governmentality: An assessment of the development of a food and urban agriculture strategy for Edmonton, Canada, pp. 195-218 in Holt, W. G. (Ed.) Sustainable Cities: Global Concerns/Urban Efforts, Bingley, UK:Emerald Group.

Hanson, L.L. (2014). Reengineering the Contours of Conservation: Alberta Land Trusts and the Neoliberalization of Nature. Found in Alberta – Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene, eds. Boschman, R. and Trono, M. (pp. 29-46). Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Hanson, L.L. (2012). Changes in the social imaginary of the landscape: The management of Alberta’s rural public lands. In Parkins, J and Reed, M. (eds.) Social Transformation of Rural Canada, (pp. 148-168). Vancouver: UBC Press.

Filax G. and Hanson, L. (2009). Unruly Alberta: queering the subject of place and peoples in the 'last best west’. In Gagnon, A. et al. (eds.)  The Last Best West: An Exploration of Myth, Identity and Quality of Life in Western Canada (pp. 83 – 100). Vancouver: New Star Books (secondary author).

Hanson, L. (2009). Environmental justice as a politics in place: An analysis of five Canadian environmental groups’ approaches to agro-food issues. In Agyeman, J, Cole, P, Haluza-DeLay, R, and O'Riley P (eds.) Speaking for Ourselves: Environmental Justice in Canada (pp 203 – 218). Vancouver/Toronto: UBC Press.

Encyclopedia Entries

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