Environmental Studies

Athabasca University does not yet offer degree options in Environmental Studies, but hopes to do so in the near future. New courses are continually being developed while existing ones are being revised to fit the future program goals. Students can also take advantage of many courses that emphasize the environment found in other disciplines.  

Environmental Studies at Athabasca University is a focus that offers a broad, but rigorous, interdisciplinary education. The proposed ENVS program at Athabasca University is designed to foster in students environmental literacy, creativity and critical thinking, and honour diverse ways of learning and knowing. At the same time, the program provides students with real-world tools, skills and experiences that can lead to productive engagement within diverse environmental sectors. Athabasca University’s Environmental Studies program will allow existing environmental practitioners to move both horizontally and vertically within their specific environmental fields, and it will train new environmental professionals to fill entry–level interdisciplinary jobs in sectors such as environmental communication, policy, education, advocacy and management.

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